Thursday, July 16, 2009

End of an era

Last week was spent in Honoka'a for Cyrus' final Little League All Stars Tournament games. It's been an emotional time, wondering where he'll play next, pondering the possibilities for him to play ball as he gets older and leaving the tumultuous LL years behind us. We won't miss the politics of it all - holy cow! But this crossroads is exactly what we had in mind when we came so close to moving to California a few years ago. The challenge of supporting our son's passion - and that word, "passion", almost doesn't seem strong enough here- while living at the end of this road out here on this island, way out in the middle of the Pacific could get interesting. Part of me wants to be scared of what that could look like. But the part I want to nurture, the part that is more true to my nature, is that part that is excited about where this adventure will take us next!
Here is Cyrus in his element:

Happiness is:

They finished 3rd in the tournament behind the 2 Hilo teams (one of whom wins it every year).

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